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How We Made The Last Faust (Interview with Philipp Humm)

1. What prompted you to make TLF and how much of Goethe’s work were you familiar with beforehand? I liked Paula Rego’s staged illustrated paintings of folk tales and Dali’s illustrations of Dante’s divine inferno. It inspired me to do staged illustrated paintings and sculptures of a major book or theatre play. As I... continue reading

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The Quantum Leap: the next generation of supercomputers will determine the future of AI

Last month the US Department of Defence began a recruitment drive to find an Ethicist to guide the deployment of Artificial Intelligence. In a nutshell, they...

Meet the Devil – Glyn Dilley as Mephisto

‘‘I’ve played everyone from King Rat to King Lear’’ Born in the seaside town of Morecambe in Lancashire, Glyn Dilley was a sensation by the time...



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