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Pop Expressions

Cut Out, Red Nr 1, 180x122cm, oil painting on stretched canvas, 2022




About the collection:

The works are inspired by Humm's interest in billboards and physical enlargement, with the subject standing out as a cut-out in front of a bold monochrome background. They are of a minimalistic aesthetic, an economy of modelling, a hyperconscious simplification of the perpetual now. Within is a collection of large-scale portraits encapsulating a valuable notion of nostalgia and inspired by Humm's popular icons.

Collection of paintings which at their core portray people as they interact or are in a group, yet feel isolated. And the isolation increases with materialism and the use of technologies like AI and Metaverse as they give us the sensation of belonging without the necessity to interact. As technology progresses people and machines will blend until they can't be held apart. In the process, people risk losing their individuality.

Humm believes that art has to participate in the societal dialogue and shape its outcomes. This is why Humm created a collection of comic-inspired artworks with a call to action. MWGA (Make The World Great Again) appeals to the superpowers to play a more responsible role in maintaining peace, creating a sustainable world and protecting humanity from the pitfalls of uncontrolled technological growth, like AGI.

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