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Ein Gesamtkunstwerk

The Last Faust is Humm’s Gesamtkunstwerk, his total work of art, and offers an unparalleled artistic examination of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s tragic masterpiece. In this mammoth project, Humm uniquely considers both Faust Part One and Part Two with the intent to make both books more accessible and apply its universal themes to contemporary culture.

The Last Faust is a highly intellectual body of work. It is an ambitious multi-layered exploration of narrative through different artistic lenses and media. The result is an expansive and prismatic journey through a great work of literature by way of the following:

108 minutes Feature Film
Novella with illustrations
41 Fine Art Photographic Images
37 Watercolour Paintings
Collections of Oil Paintings & Bronze Sculptures


The Last Faust transposes Goethe’s epic saga of damnation to the year 2059. Faust’s successor, Dr Goodfellow is the CEO of Winestone, the world’s largest and most secretive tech firm. His predecessor Dr Faust sold his soul, traded for the creation of the first Superhuman, to the devil Mephisto, in the manifestation of a Hedge Fund manager. However in the process, he unleashes a much darker force on to the world.


Profile: Edwin De La Renta – Hommunculus / Paris (Android-C02JK0TVDTY4Z-2-27)

  Edwin De La Renta began acting in his teens. He attended the renowned Sylvia Young Theatre School and was initially more interested in pursuing a career in dance. After studying a Sociology degree at Goldsmiths University, he moved to New York where he studied the Meisner technique at The Donelli Acting school in Manhattan,...

Profile: Yvonne ‘Yvi’ Mai (Gretchen)

Actress and model Yvi Yvonne tells Daniele Mah how her German upbringing and early exposure to Faust helped...

Profile: Martin Hancock (Faust)

Martin Hancock’s first impression while on set at the photo studios where The Last Faust was to begin...


Oil Paintings

Fine Art Photos

Film Production

BTS Photos

Pencil Drawings

Water Colour Paintings

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