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Fine Art Photos

Scene 4 Suicide Fine Art Photos on C paper, aluminium mount, 3 limited editions-2019

The Last Faust includes a collection of 41 striking fine-art photographs that Humm produced alongside his partner, photographer Daniele Mah, in adjacent studios during film production. Each scene, figure and costume is exactingly designed by Humm to impressive effect.
While some of the images followed Humm’s original pencil drawings, he redesigned others around the natural evolution of the project as a whole. The result is a powerful collection of vivid and surreal images that push the boundaries of photography in order to fully capture Humm’s vision for The Last Faust.
The photographs are Chromogenic prints in small editions of 6 + 2AP. All are printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper and mounted on aluminium. They are available in three sizes, 64 x 48in, 53 x 40in, and 30 x 40in.

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