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5 star reviews for The Last Faust | Wishing you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

The Last Faust has had excellent critic and viewer reviews on Amazon, iTunes and other platforms following its release on December 2nd 2019. The Last Faust is a feature art film starring Steven Berkoff. It is, at its core an avant-garde theatrical interpretation of Goethe's Faust 1 and 2. The music is based on... continue reading

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How We Made The Last Faust (Interview with Philipp Humm)

1. What prompted you to make TLF and how much of Goethe’s work were you familiar with beforehand? I liked Paula Rego’s staged illustrated paintings of...

Steven Berkoff Über Faust, H. Weinstein und KI

‘Ich hätte beinahe vor Angst geweint’ Vor Kurzem trafen sich Philipp Humm und Steven Berkoff in dessen am Flussufer der Themse gelegener Wohnung wieder. Sie sprachen...



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