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The Plot

The Last Faust comprises of two parallel yet intertwined stories and is told from the perspective of Faust’s future successor Dr Goodfellow, CEO of the world’s biggest Silicon Valley Tech company, Winestone. Faust’s pact with the devil has unleashed technology that threatens the survival of the humanity with Winestone having created an evolved neural network, which is attempting to extinguish both its creator and mankind itself. Goodfellow has a race against time escaping to a hideout in order tell his and Faust’s story, documenting what may be humanity’s last remaining hours.

Besides the pact with Mephisto, the film also tells of Faust’s tragic love story with the 16-year old Gretchen and his blind passion for Helena, from Greek mythology. As well as travelling through real and mythological worlds, The Last Faust transcends time, as Dr Faust punctuates key German historical moments such as the advent of money printing, the Greek war, and the beginnings of thecynical materialism of the modern-day Catholic Church.

108 min feature film

This independent production of the The Last Faust is the first and only definitive filmed version of Goethe’s epic verse drama featuring a screenplay based on Martin Greenberg’s translation.

This audacious production is the directorial debut of the London-based German artist, Philipp Humm. Co-directed by Dominik Wieschermann, the film has condensed Goethe’s magnum opus into a 108-minute feature film.

The production was shot in two locations in London in 2018, and combines multiple art disciplines including cinematography, art, dance and theatre.

Written by Phillip Humm and Ellen Waddell, The Last Faust is a layered exploration of humanity’s deification of technology. Rich in contemporary references it casts an unflinching gaze into the abyss of untethered desire.

This English language production is accompanied by an original score with additional music by Sirtaki, Wagner and Yello.


Steven Berkoff as Dr Goodfellow
Martin Hancock as Dr Faust
Glyn Dilley as Mephisto
Edwin de la Renta as Paris and Homunculus
Yvi Mai as Gretchen and Witch
Scarlett Mellish-Wilson as Helena
Isabella Bliss as Angel and Galatea
Marina Stoimenova as Lamia and Phorkya
Corinna Swallow as Lamia and Phorkya
George Little as Wagner
Paul Orchard as God, Chiron and Pope
Valerie Pain as Death Messenger and Mother
Mace Richards as Emperor
Hannah Jessop as Manto and Burka Witness
Marlon Roberts as Death Angel, Soldier, “Beckett”-Witness, Manager, Ghost, and dead Brother
Robert Pamplin as Manager
Aiden Scott as Manager and Archbishop
Lily Ashton as Manager
Darcy as White King Poodle (trainer Tamara Chamberlain)
Dexter as White Horse (trainer Charlotte Alexandra)
Male Voice: Paul Orchard
Female/boy voice: Hannah Jessop


Production: The Humm Collection Ltd
Story by: Philipp Humm based on Faust 1&2 by Johan Wolfgang von Goethe with original text passages from a translation by Martin Greenberg, courtesy of Yale University Press
Producer: Philipp Humm & Daniele Mah
Art Director:  Philipp Humm
Screenplay: Ellen Elkin
Casting Director:  Daniele Mah
Choreographer:  Chris Baldock
Costume Designer:   Sanya Torkmorad-Jozavi

Lead artists: Stefanie Kemp & Elizabeth Hedley
Artists: Lauren Kay & Helen Currie
Assistants: Zoe Carr, Gemma Peace, Nirvana Javaland
Trainee: Daisey Moore

1st AD: Cigdem Kantoglu
Production Manager: Linas Stanzys
Runners: Aiden Scott, Lily Ashton
Performer flying: Kirby’s AFX
Projection Design: Linas Stanzys & John Fox
Casting agent: Fruitcake Casting (Park Royal)
Studios: Park Royal Studios & Lordship Park 89, London
Producer Representatives: Deborah Sheppard and Sven Sturm
BTS video:  Samuel White
BTS photos: Fabio Olgiati, Daniele Mah and Blake Roberts


Director: Philipp Humm & Dominik Wieschermann
Director of Photography: Dominik Wieschermann
1st AD: Philipp Haferbusch
Camera Operator: Fabian Boehm
1st AC: Yannick Zehner
Gaffer: Thies Lehmann
Best Boy: Moritz Lauenstein
Director of Projection: Reinhard Rio Grande (Auf der Lichtung)
Projection Assistant:  Kirsten Rusche
Teleprompter: Anthony Jordan
Storyboard artist: Malte Romainczyk & Jonas Litke


Based on Richard Wagner
By Florian Siegmund & Oliver Schwarz (Haus Sound Building)
Sound: Felix Siewert & Florian Siegmund
Sound fx-editing: Bela Brandes
Recording: Zeigermann Audio
3 original tracks from Yello : “Limbo”, “Expert” and “Desire”, courtesy of Warner Chappell Music Ltd and “Limbo” , courtesy from Universal Music Germany, under license from Universal Music Operations Ltd. Dancing with Zorba courtesy of  Mechanical Copyright Protection Society Ltd.


Visual effects: Martin Mayer & John Fox
Compositing: Irakli Gharibashviti & Levan Lapachi & Davit Sakhvadze & Luka Jgharkava
Editor: Dominik Wieschermann (Another Name)
Title Design: Dominik Wieschermann
Grading: We fade to Grey, Cologne- Germany


Photographer: Daniele Mah & Mark Griffith
Photo Assistant: Andy Macke
CGI-artist John Fox & Martin Mayer
Photographic reference material courtesy of Shutterstock. Beckett portrait based on photograph by John Minihan, © University College York.

©The Humm Collection Ltd

All material is protected by copyright laws of the United Kingdom and all countries throughout the world. All rights reserved. The Humm Collection is the author for purposes of copyright and other laws. Any unauthorized exhibition, distribution or copying of this material or any part thereof (including soundtrack) is an infringement copyright and will subject the infringer to severe civil and criminal penalties.The story, all names, characters and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons, places, buildings and products is intended or should be inferred.


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