Urban Portraits 2014-2017

An ironic street map of society

Intensely thought provoking, Humm’s Urban Portraits play on the viewer’s discomfort, counter-balanced with fleeting moments of beauty and serenity. Old masters are recycled; the ancient iconography of narrative art collides with contemporary pop imagery to devastating effect.

Urban Portraits is redolent of mise-en-scène. Surreal and disaffected, Humm plays on Heidegger’s themes of alienation, the palette is vivid, the edges hard. His work is often satirical, but never censorious, allowing the viewer to engage freely with each work, unencumbered by convention.

By manipulating historical timelines, social mobility and collective critique, Humm dissects concepts of authenticity, absurdity and the impact of radical technology on the body, politics, and the human condition itself.

Works on Paper

Oil Paintings


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